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How wonderful would it be to always have HOPE in our heart so that we can navigate any situation especially the downtimes in our life?

Despite our journey is full of ups and downs, we continue to believe and strive to be the best version of ourselves.

Hi, I’m Hajar Abdullah!

I believe there’s always have HOPE no matter what happens in our life. I believe to live a great life, we should trust God, seek knowledge and make the effort at the same time.
This is what drawn me to become an influencer ​to empower people’s souls towards hope so that they truly thrive their life by being the best version of who they are.

To be honest, I suffered from depression and anxiety starting in 2017. However, I managed to break through a few dark episodes in my life before and on going a healing journey.

It such a beautiful gift actually. Thanks to it, I can connect with people who experience mental illness and spread a message about HOPE.

Thus, I dream a world where people choose to grow and live their life with HOPE, PURPOSE, MEANING & CLARITY no matter what happens.

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I didn’t know why but I felt mind-blowing when my mentor said that to me. “Your mess up is your message.” Kinda it clicks. Because to be honest, I mess up most of the time. “When you show your mess up to people, a lot of people can relate and connect with you. All of us are going through
“My plan didn’t go well.”“I wish things were different.”“I’m working hard for it, but I don’t get it.” Okay, let’s talk about disappointment. Which is a very uncomfortable emotion for us to feel. When we get disappointed, it can hurt. Sometimes a bit. Sometimes a lot. And that’s
About Me

Hajar Abdullah

An extrovert copywriter who passionate to create content & make videos about self-growth, mental well-being & spiritual.