Hi, welcome on the board. It is a pleasure to meet you. 😄

I’m Hajar Abdullah.
A Genius Content Writer and Copywriter based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Word is my playground and magical. Capable of both : heal and destroy a person. And that’s why I choose to enlighten people’s soul through words including you.

Here, I share my personal journey, knowledge and inspiration on how you too can become your true self as the best and better version in your own term of life.

“You don’t have to be great or something great to start, you just need to start in order to be great.”

So, What I'm Passionate About?


Doing Copywriting

Currently, I’m working remotely as Copywriter in Online Marketing Agency which based at Bangi, Malaysia. I’m happy to serve client by doing copywriting for Facebook Ads to achieve their goals in sales.

Give Values Through Content

My work style allows for me to have space on build up an online platform which focusing on give the right messages related to positivity, spiritual, growth and inspiration to encourage people to be the best and better version of themselves.

Become An Author

I published my own ebook starting on 2014. Now, I already published 10 ebooks regarding spiritual (sustenance and duaa), soft selling and self-growth.

Be A Freelancer

I’m a writer who is sooo extrovert. I love to travel, explore new things and meet up new people to create a meaningful life. I’m so excited to serve entrepreneurs in doing content marketing.

How To Connect With Me?