Pagi tadi, I dah share this sharing with my genius family. And I got this message…

“Wonderful sharing hajar. Thanks. I’m currently facing gender discrimination and office politic yet I’m walking into my office with my head high and never bothered of any labels placed on me..”

Buatkan I sedar yang you takkan pernah tahu how much your sharing worth and actually can lift up other people’s soul who have upset moment in their life.

Bak kata seorang sahabat, “tulislah kepada masyarakat yang gunda-gelana hingga tulisanmu dinanti-nanti untuk menjadi khabar berita gembira buat mereka.”

And yeah, I would love to share what I already shared to genius family with you guys as well. Cuma yang sharing ni, I add on. Hehe.

Semalam, I jumpa one of my best friends. For me, he is an amazing brother and smart like Baymax who is 6 years older than me.

Whenever that I drowned, he always pull me up. He inspired me in a lot of ways. Boleh kata, his values, his wisdom and his ways of life give me good impact in how I see things in life differently.

Masya Allah, I learnt a lot from him.

So, he shared with me about the perception of truth by other people to us which it is doesn’t necessarily true to us. We don’t need to follow it.

Bahasa mudahnya, kita selalu letak persepsi kat orang lain yang sepatutnya mereka kena macam ni, macam tu atau letak label mereka ni begitu, begini ikut apa yang kita nak/ tahu.

I bagi contoh.

Like how the doctors prescribed me. It doesn’t necessarily true because they put label on me based on the past and present conditions while they are still human who have limited knowledge.

What I’m facing right now is not the destination and it is not define who I am. Same goes to you. 

There are a lot of magical and beautiful things in this world that most of people don’t know about it yet.

Manusia punya pengetahuan yang sangat sedikit. Hanya Allah saja yang Maha Mengetahui. Sebab itu, Allah tahu segala hikmah dan tahu apa yang manusia tak tahu.

“You Hajar, you are normal. You are genius. Don’t let any people put label on you and make you down. You have to stand up. I want you to fight. Tell yourself and affirm yourself.”

Whatever people said to you, it doesn’t necessarily true. Only you yang tahu why you do what you do even though other people are not statisfied with it. Tak ada any manusia pun boleh letak label on you. No one.

He also shared about neuroplasticity.

Andai tak tahu, boleh study through Google and tonton video kat YouTube. Basically, it is about the capacity of brain that can do anything and always grow from time to time.

Misalnya, orang yang ada kanser boleh sembuh sepenuhnya saat dia miliki strong believe system. Yang dia yakin dia boleh sembuh without consume any medicine.

I read about this before. Memang ada success study case regarding this matter. People who are sick have the ability to heal completely using his subconscious mind and the brain.

Bila fikir balik, the miracle actually already happened to me before. Yet, how can I forgot about it? ☺️

Yang mana ketika umur 21 tahun, I have ulnar claw on the left fingers. Kinda sakit urat saraf yang menyebabkan 2 jari tak berfungsi sangat. I can’t even to switch off suis pun.

Thus, I need to do therapy like masukkan jari kat dalam mesin buat lilin panas (not that hot), main doh and blok kayu untuk aktifkan saraf jari. But, I cuma maintain the therapy for 2 weeks only.

Lepas tu, tak mau sambung. Ahak, malas nak ulang-alik hospital.

Subhanallah, the amazing thing is I completely heal without having therapy or medicine after that. Tak ingat macam mana sembuh. Everything is okay. Semua jari boleh berfungsi dengan baik.

Alhamdulillah. That’s why can relate dengan neuroplasticity and strong believe system. Gotta to flashback what is my thinking before 🤔.

I can say that I felt mindblowing having an hour session with my friend. Like everything is on point and connected in the brain. Sel-sel mula berhubung gitu.

As for the conclusion, he said that, “Now, I’m giving you wings to fly high. So, go out there and fly. You don’t need any validation or label. Hajar, you are the genius writer. You already are.”

My God, how cool is that? 😎😱

Really, thanks brother for everything. Indeed, I truly need the great vibes from you. All the best and may Allah bless you and your family. Aamiin.

Hajar Abdullah,
I am The Genius Writer. 😉

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