Hajar Abdullah

Genius Content Writer and An Explorer.

Every great dream begins with faith and an action. When you believe you can do, it means real and you can do it. You can reach the stars by start small, start now, make mistakes, learn and grow bigger.

My Strength

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Hi, what a great opportunity to know you!

As you know my name is Hajar Abdullah and I’m based at Bangi, Malaysia. I’m starting my own journey in content marketing in 2014 and even until now, it is still a skill (writing) that I’m so passionate about and fall in love to do it.

I was born on 27 November 1993.

Believe it or not, be as a content creator never across in my mind when I’m young. I don’t know it is exists. I aimed to be a lawyer, just like my dad.

We plan, but God’s plan is much better than us.

And here I am now. I feel so happy when I found out what my passion and my happiness is. It is when I’m doing content, when I write.

People said most writers are introvert, but I’m so extrovert. I love to travel a lot, explore new things and meet up new people to create a meaningful life.

Thus, I hope my blog, my playground of words can enlighten your souls, inspire you and give impact in your life as well.