I’ve been there. It was so frustrating. Especially when I met my other family members in a gathering and they started asking, “Have you met anyone? When are you going to be married?” 

When I was trying to be honest and said, “I don’t know. I’m still single.” Then, they said, “Of course, you are too choosy. You are not making enough effort.”

Well, it still happens till recently especially me being the eldest and the only daughter while my second brother just got married and my third brother will get married soon. 

In the first place, I felt horrible and felt like myself as a disappointment — being single late in my 20’s. It made me think that maybe something’s wrong with me. Am I not good enough? Is my personality too strong? And hundreds of bad thoughts in my mind. 

Not only that, I even questioned my self-worthy although I have a great career in life. The way my family members asked about marriage made me feel incomplete just because I didn’t have a potential partner in my life. 

Does this happen to you too?

And I wonder how many single people out there become depressed and anxious regarding this matter.

How many people are settling down and rushing into a relationship for the sake of marriage which leads to worse things than being single? 

Thus, I wanna tell you “Hey, there is nothing wrong with you. Nothing wrong with us.”

I found that there are a lot of books written about finding a partner or soulmate but so rare about being happy while single. It is so little. Especially in Asia.

How come fewer people write about how to be great in singlehood instead there is an increasing number of people who are still single nowadays? 

Rather than wait for somebody else to write about it, I choose to show up and share how I thrive my singlehood life with my best friends who are also single in their 30’s and some of them already married and single again. 

Discover Joy While Being Single!

Gambar Ebook

It  is a self-help ebook that shares how to live your best as a single and make the most of singlehood time, how to feel content and fulfilled on your own. 

I discovered that the simplest way you can do to be happily single and less affected by what people say is having self-love. 

However, I know practising it can be hard as society claims it is selfish to do so and you might feel guilty about it. Moreover, how many of us are bombarded with misconception, wrong beliefs and pressure about being single? 

By the way, I’m not against marriage, okay? I’m cool with it. 

Just that I want people to appreciate, be mindful about the present and make out the best singlehood time rather than focus on the future (marriage) which some single people might not meet anyone yet. 

So, this ebook is suitable for :

  • Single working women.
  • Divorcee.
  • Lonely people.

What Are The Topics That I Share?

There are 9 chapters in this ebook and here are some topics that I write. 

  1. Wrong Beliefs In Society That Didn’t Fit In Single Life.
  2.  Investing A Better Version Of Who You Are.
  3. Dealing With Loneliness & Insecurity.
  4. Get Comfortable With Self-Love.
  5. The Art Of Being Single. 

How Much Is The Ebook?

The original value of this Ebook is RM50. And in conjunction with the Pre-order Ebook Joy While Being Single, you will get a Gratitude PDF – 30 Days Of I Am Grateful For which value RM29.


So, the total will be RM79. However, you don’t need to transfer that much. Get an early bird price pre-order RM30 before 31 March 2021. 

You save RM49 which can be spent on the other stuff.   

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Who Am I, The Writer?

Oh, I forget to introduce myself first. I’m Hajar Abdullah, 28 years old. I’m an extrovert copywriter who is working in a marketing agency in Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia. 

However, I’m passionate to write and make videos about self-growth, mental well-being and spirituality. And yeah, I’m still single. 

P/s: If you are interested in solely being happily single, having self-love and creating happiness from within, click here. 

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