Find Out What I’ve Been Up To So Far…


Julai 2019 – My boss offered me to be full time Content Writer & Copywriter at FAMES. The best part is the team just only need to go to office twice in a week. We worked remotely. How cool is it?

Thus, my work style allows for me to have space on build up an online platform which focusing on give the right messages related to positivity, spiritual, growth and inspiration to encourage people to be the best and better version of themselves.

Not only that, I also get time to be a freelancer in content marketing service for other entrepreneurs and being full time author of my own ebooks.

You need help in content? Just reach me out.

Apr 2019

After all, it was unexpected offer when for me to be a Freelance Copywriter at FAMES. It is an online marketing agency based at Bangi, Malaysia.

I served copywriting for Facebook Advertising to the clients. New experience for me working out in service lane and I enjoyed it very much.

Now, I became freelancer at 2 companies.

Jan 2019

It is amazing when I’m getting an opportunity to provide content for MLM Company at Jakarta, Indonesia.

I’ve been flying from Bangi, Malaysia to Jakarta, Indonesia for almost every month. Stayed there around one week to 10 days.

And I meet genius people in Digital Marketing, Sales, Leadership. They are awesome.

Meanwhile, I still proceed in getting new order of books that I brought from Jakarta to my audience in Malaysia.

Apr 2018

I decided to resign and seek new path in being a Genius Content Writer. I love time freedom as I can construct my own timetable and create the life that I want to.

Call me crazy but yeah, I resigned without any back up plan and don’t have any stable income yet from my online business because I’m not focusing on it anymore since I worked full time.

I started all over slowly and steadily by taking pre-order books about rizq (sustenance) and self-improvement from Jakarta and sent it to people in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, I received invitation where people would like me to share about content marketing from KL, Penang and JB.

So, Mei until December 2018 were the months that I looking my passion back, happiness, connection, purpose and meaningful life. That’s how I’m starting to care content about mental health and self-improvement.

Nov 2016

Byond Success Sdn Bhd is my first company that I worked full time with. I become R&D Manager at first moment before moved to Byond Publication Sdn Bhd as Content Manager.

Here, I learnt to build up start up company from zero, trained and managed 6 staffs. I also involved in handling big event like 1,000 people apart from created training module, prepared sales letter to sell content products and wrote R&D content.


I did internship at Akademi Sinergi Sdn Bhd (Training Company) for two months. I produced copywriting to sell for seminars, workshop, run coaching and small classes, created training modules.

After finished the period of internship, I chose to be a Freelance Content Writer and Ghostwriter which I can work from home and even everywhere.

I worked with clients and help them in creating content like updating their Facebook Page, wrote copywriting, storytelling and sales letter to get more sales, created ebook and published articles.

At the same time, I fall in love being an author, published my own ebooks and sell them online. 

Sept 2014

My starting point to become a writer. I wrote and published my first own ebook which is IMKK : Intensif Magnet Kejayaan and Kekayaan.